I’ve been really struggling with what to write this week. It’s been a strange one to be sure.

With recent events in our country (USA) there seems to be more contention than ever. So many opinions divide us, and anger is seething even between friends. I thought about writing about that but what’s the point. I’m not here to try and change anyone’s mind. I am here to do my best to uplift and unite.

We talk about making new laws and limiting things that people hold strongly to but the fact is we can’t legislate wickedness away. So many people want the government or someone bigger than they are to implement change but the truth is, charity (love) begins at home, on your block, in your neighborhood. And no, I don’t sit around singing Kumbaya and thinking that sharing a Coke will change anything. But, I DO know that love can change things. It may not change anyone else but it will change you.

I’ve heard it said before and I believe now more than ever…”everyone wants a right but nobody wants a responsibility”. I know as you read that that most everyone is thinking about the other side and how the other side is so steadfast and uncompromising but turn that around and be honest with yourself. How compromising are you? How willing are you to give up your ideals and work together to make things better… in any situation? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, one side or the other. Why can’t both sides and a gathering of many ideas together be better? Why do you (or I) have to be totally right? Where does YOUR (and MY) responsibility lie?

Think about this, not only on the grand scale of the division of our country but narrow it down to even your own one on one daily relationships…. do you want to BE right, or DO right? Something to think about…