Hello Friends!! Have you found something good today? How about that you’re alive? That’s always a good place to start.

Sometimes you don’t know how exhausted you are until you stop moving and it hits you like the train that’s been trying to run you over for weeks. With all of my early to rise days, last night was finally my early to bed night. And with that being said, let’s get on with today’s tune-up.

I give advice (or often just ramble…LOL) generally based off of my (or someone close to me) life experiences or the wisdom of others that I have seen put into action.

Recently, simply by listening to a conversation, I received a brilliant piece of advice. I overheard a friend say “If someone comes into your mind, or you can’t get someone off your mind, pray for them. Literally stop what you’re doing and pray for them.”

That sounded like wonderful advice! So I recently started to put this into practice and what a difference it’s made!

Sometimes praying is easy. You can pray about people you love, your family, to have a good day, all kinds of things.

But what about praying for people that haven’t treated you well? That boss that that only talks to you to tell you what you’ve done wrong, that friend that only comes around when they want something from you, your child that makes you question why you ever had children, that significant other that broke your heart?

We tend to shirk away from pain and things that cause us discomfort but prayer isn’t just for the good things. God can turn any test into a testimony. And when we pray for difficult people or situations it’s not to change THEM. It’s to change US.

I’m not trying to tell you that if you put this into practice that your life will suddenly turn around and you’ll have no problems but with practice, it will change your perspective on things.

Maybe the next time your boss comes to you with an issue, you can use it to improve your work instead of being resentful. Maybe your friend comes to you because they have no one else and they trust you. Maybe your stubborn child (although difficult now) will grow up to make a real difference in other peoples lives (in a good way!) and maybe the person who broke your heart can teach you to forgive.

Kind of going back to a previous tune-up…it’s about your response to things after the reaction.  If someone comes to your mind there’s a reason for it and you need to deal with it. And if the reason someone is on your mind is for a good thing then make sure to count that among your blessings. Either way, you get a more positive result.

We only can control ourselves and when we practice controlling our thoughts and responses we can change ourselves for the better.

Start today by being kind to each other, and yourself. Make changes to make yourself better. Seems simple enough, right?

Until next time, friends!