Happy Mother’s Day Friends! I hope you’ve all had a blessed week!

I know that today is an off day for Nordy’s Garage but I wanted to put out a special Mother’s Day message.

I know that today is a day to celebrate mothers and I personally think it’s a wonderful holiday.

But as joyful as the flowers and ice cream cakes are, today can also be a very difficult time for many.

I remember many years back when all I wanted was children and it seemed to be the one thing I couldn’t have. Every year on this day my heart broke for the longing I had to have a child in my arms.

If you’ve read my bio you know I did eventually go on to have children but for those years in waiting it was a painful emptiness every year especially on this day. And now that my kids are grown and moved away, a new emptiness has come in to play. But now it’s different. Now it’s a missing them that is also filled with pride and joy.

But I know many other people are suffering this day as well. Some for the same reason I once did but many for the emptiness that won’t quit.

For my best friend who lost her oldest son earlier this year. And another friend who recently lost his mother. My heart is with you. When people are missing from our lives, those are holes in us that won’t ever be completely repaired.

This post won’t be long because I know we’re all busy but my message is clear. Appreciate those you have today because tomorrow isn’t promised. You can lose people in the blink of an eye whether through misunderstandings, death, or whatever the case may be.

Don’t live with regret. Let people know they matter to you and that you love them because the memories can haunt you for a lifetime.

Be kind friends. Time is short.