So you’re wanting to live and have a more positive life. If it’s true that you are what you eat you need to start by asking yourself what are you feeding yourself?

Not physical food but “soul food”.

Have you ever heard the term “garbage in garbage out”? it applies to almost anything. If you feed yourself junk food you become unhealthy. And if you feed your mind and soul junk, your mind and soul become junk.

So stop for a minute and ask yourself, “what did I feed myself today?”…. What music did you listen to? What did you engage in in Social Media? What videos did you view? What movies or tv shows did you watch?

Can you truly say it was healthy?

So many people today are looking for workout ideas, make-up tips, new recipes. But what good will ANY of that do you when your soul is starving?

As you start your new week dwell on what makes you whole, not just what makes you look good. Make a conscious effort to make soul healthy choices because what you feed your mind will grow in your heart and show on the outside in your attitude, and how you treat and view others.