Hello friends!

Today’s post is a bit later but I’ve been working on it for a while and each time I read it, it feels scattered and like the thoughts are just rattling around randomly in my head. If you recall a few weeks ago I was very out of sorts and couldn’t seem to figure it out. It’s like God was constantly tapping on my shoulder telling me to pay close attention and I was distracted. The cloud lifted a few weeks ago and things were made clear but I have to admit that the cloud is back.

So today I decided to try and clear my head a little and I headed to the park for my first run since my injury last year! I’m far from 100% healed yet but it felt really amazing to get out there and stumble around for a while.

I can’t say that it made a difference to the fogginess in my head so I’m not going to leave much here today as I’m going to continue working on my next tune-up that I started earlier in the week and hope that the thoughts in my head can come together to make sense to you all.

I’m working hard on not only retraining and strengthening my body to work properly again after my injury but I’m also working hard (maybe even harder) on my heart and mind after what they’ve been through as well. Maybe none of it is completely repairable. Maybe these have been life-changing events for me. But no matter the path I will search hard to find the silver lining and a way to glorify the Father.

Kindness friends…it goes a long way.