Hello friends! I hope your week has gone well and that when you’ve laid your head down at night you were able to count your blessings.

My week was full of work. We’re in our busy season so it’s expected but still exhausting. When I’m not at work I have been taking a look at the things I want to achieve.

I often think about what I’m going to write either from what I (or people I care about) are experiencing or after being inspired or reminded of a quote or saying I’ve come across that sparks something in me.

This week it’s a bit of both. I’ve been actively working on healing my body and soul. It’s slow going and some days are better than others. At my low times, I rely heavily on prayer, friends, tears, and of course, Nordy.

But on one of my lowest days, I came across a quote that spoke to me…loudly.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

And that’s when I truly realized how much of my life I’ve spent wishing it away.

I know we’re all guilty of that. We wish we could lose weight, as we eat another slice of pizza (or in my case, nachos). We wish we had a better job, yet we never take a look at the want ads. We wish we had a more fulfilling life yet we never leave our comfort zone. We wish we could break bad or unhealthy habits yet are not willing to suffer short-term for the long-term gain.

Doing any of these things takes a leap of faith and it scares us because that means we have to have faith in ourselves and embrace one of the hardest things to achieve, discipline.

So this past week I really refocused on me and not my circumstances and took my first step towards one goal…I got back to healthy eating and working out and I’m down almost 10 pounds.

I’ve also stopped simply wishing and set goals that scare me beyond words but it’s time I practice what I preach. These are not new goals for me. They are all things I had planned on doing but my timeline has changed a bit. I’d tell you more about them now but I’m saving them for future tune-ups!

My point today is dream! Dream BIG! But you can’t stop there. Take the next step into making your dreams come true. YOU are the driver of your life! Don’t let fear stop you. Especially fear of failure. Yes, you might fail…and that’s ok. You can try again. The only thing worse than failing is never trying and living the rest of your life wishing you did.

I’m tired of just wishing…I’m ready to try.

And of course as always, be kind, make amends, and keep striving for greatness! If you don’t then who will?

Stay tuned. You can help me take Nordys Garage to the next level…adventures await!