When we pray we expect defined and immediate answers but when we don’t get an answer we often think we aren’t heard or the answer is “no”. But more than likely the answer is simply “wait”. We’re not good at that. Especially in the fast-paced, Google everything, immediate gratification lives we live. But God knows how things work best. He knows every hair on our head, and He knows the perfect time for everything.

We just have to decide if we trust Him enough to allow Him to guide us on His timeline.

I truly believe in God’s perfect timing but that does not mean that everything happens at the same time. A perfect example is how He made our world. Sure He could have made everything all at once, in less than a split second. But He didn’t. In His infinite wisdom, He knew better. He knew that He had to prepare some things before others so that the whole plan could come to be. And I believe that is how He works in our lives as well. Some things need to be built and develop before other things can happen for various reasons. A house built without a foundation will crumble.

One that is much too familiar to me recently is an injury. I am so tired of being in pain and I want to heal yet I know that there some things that need to happen before others to support the healing process. But once the things that needed to happen first are in place then the process of healing will happen. So just because it doesn’t all happen at the same time doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all.

A delay does not mean denial. Sometimes it might simply mean God is still preparing some of the pieces. Practice patience…with yourself, with others and with God and allow Him to work things out in His unfailing timing.