What’s good friends!!??

I apologize for neglecting you but I have quite the update coming soon!! Until then I want to share a small, heartfelt poem I penned a little while back.

You know it’s coming….Be kind, friends! Let’s make the world better, together!



Sun turns to rain

Smiles to tears

I haven’t felt you

In what feels like years


Laughter to lies

Memories burned

Unsure of the next step

Or where it all turned


There will be no answers

Questions remain

Best to let go now

Try to lessen the pain


Move forward, onward

Stumble, don’t fall

I gave it my best

I gave it my all


So much unsaid

Never to be heard

Bury it deep

Lessons unlearned


Time never stops

It keeps moving on

Wishing to right

Those things gone wrong