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Leaps Of Faith

Hello friends! I hope your week has gone well and that when you’ve laid your head down at night you were able to count your blessings.

My week was full of work. We’re in our busy season so it’s expected but still exhausting. When I’m not at work I have been taking a look at the things I want to achieve.

I often think about what I’m going to write either from what I (or people I care about) are experiencing or after being inspired or reminded of a quote or saying I’ve come across that sparks something in me.

This week it’s a bit of both. I’ve been actively working on healing my body and soul. It’s slow going and some days are better than others. At my low times, I rely heavily on prayer, friends, tears, and of course, Nordy.

But on one of my lowest days, I came across a quote that spoke to me…loudly.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

And that’s when I truly realized how much of my life I’ve spent wishing it away.

I know we’re all guilty of that. We wish we could lose weight, as we eat another slice of pizza (or in my case, nachos). We wish we had a better job, yet we never take a look at the want ads. We wish we had a more fulfilling life yet we never leave our comfort zone. We wish we could break bad or unhealthy habits yet are not willing to suffer short-term for the long-term gain.

Doing any of these things takes a leap of faith and it scares us because that means we have to have faith in ourselves and embrace one of the hardest things to achieve, discipline.

So this past week I really refocused on me and not my circumstances and took my first step towards one goal…I got back to healthy eating and working out and I’m down almost 10 pounds.

I’ve also stopped simply wishing and set goals that scare me beyond words but it’s time I practice what I preach. These are not new goals for me. They are all things I had planned on doing but my timeline has changed a bit. I’d tell you more about them now but I’m saving them for future tune-ups!

My point today is dream! Dream BIG! But you can’t stop there. Take the next step into making your dreams come true. YOU are the driver of your life! Don’t let fear stop you. Especially fear of failure. Yes, you might fail…and that’s ok. You can try again. The only thing worse than failing is never trying and living the rest of your life wishing you did.

I’m tired of just wishing…I’m ready to try.

And of course as always, be kind, make amends, and keep striving for greatness! If you don’t then who will?

Stay tuned. You can help me take Nordys Garage to the next level…adventures await!

Suck It Up Buttercup. No, Not This Time.

I’ve heard it said many times that life isn’t about what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you. And I always simply agreed. But I’ve thought about it a lot lately and I think that saying is a little dismissive, and a little too basic, because life IS about the things that happen to you. The things that we have no control over. And when we are forced to feel and react to those things, those things eventually shape us.

This past week and a half has been one of a lot of struggle for me. I was traveling a lot and tired and suffered the loss of more than one person I loved.

I’ve done my best to muddle through and be as positive as I can and look for that elusive silver lining but I found in doing that I was doing a disservice to myself. I wasn’t actually dealing with anything. I was band-aiding it. Trying to cover it up until it went away.

News flash…it doesn’t go away.

I had to accept what had happened this week and face it head on because ignoring it and pretending to be happy wasn’t going to change anything. So, I embraced it. I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve slept, I’ve fasted (going on 72 hours) and prayed and ended my night last night with a meditation and Nordy sleeping beside me growling softly as I imagine he was dreaming about his day at the vet getting poked and prodded.

Did it change anything? No. But will it? Eventually. I’m learning to take it day by day. Sometimes moment by moment.

I’m learning what it means to truly praise God in the storm. Is it easy? Not even a little bit. But my choice is to grow through the pain and not just go through it. And that won’t happen if I ignore it.

So as always friends, please, please be kind to one another. I’ve said it a thousand times and will continue to do so…you never ever know what someone is going through and hiding behind their smile.


Hello Friends!

So recently I found myself existing. I’m sure most of you think that doesn’t sound too bad and it sure beats the alternative. I was giving of myself (or so I thought) to everything…work, friends, family, and not getting filled in any way. I had no purpose, no drive. I simply was. I had a vision for my life and this wasn’t it.

I think we all have that innate desire…to have purpose. To be fulfilled. And that doesn’t mean fortune and fame. Rarely does it mean that. It means to live your life so it matters.

A lot of people will tell you to live your passion. That sounds great on the surface but what does that really mean? Sometimes your passion is to sing…and you love every moment in your car or the shower, belting out the words to your favorite song and it energizes you and makes you happy and you feel it so very passionately with every chorus. But the trouble is that no matter how many voice lessons you take you wouldn’t even make it through the tryouts of The Voice.

Find a way to make money doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! I know we’ve all heard that before. But what if you suck at what you love? What if you try to turn what you love into a money maker but it doesn’t happen. Then what? Now what you love is work. And how long will you continue to love doing it?

I think if we strive to find our purpose in a paycheck we will never be happy. We will never have enough. If you are lucky enough to make money doing what you love then that is a huge blessing. But we can’t be so focused on money=happiness that we forget to be happy when money DOESN’T = happiness. And no, I’m not saying you’ll be happier being poor, but I do think there’s something to be said for simplicity.

Maybe sometimes our passion and what fulfills us doesn’t have a paycheck attached. Maybe instead it has a price tag. Maybe it’s something YOU will pay. Maybe it’s volunteering. Maybe it’s giving of yourself to a friend in need. Maybe it’s listening and giving advice and loving someone through a hard time. Maybe it’s letting go of what you know and taking a chance at something new.

We too often make life about stuff instead of making it about each other.

I know my purpose and I’m on a journey to find my place.

As always, be kind to one another. You never know what someone is going through.


And The Light Comes On

Have you ever read something, heard something, or been told something and you think, “yeah, ok, I get that”, but then just move on? You might hear it a dozen times and each time it’s the same thing on repeat…ok, I get it, and move on. Then one day you hear it and it hits you to your core and suddenly it’s like “Ok!! Now I REALLY get it!”

I think things make sense to us for different reasons at different times in our lives. As we continue to change and grow our ideas and mindset can also change and grow.

Sometimes we come to realizations about things because of events in our lives. Things happen that can change a once tightly held belief. That doesn’t mean we were wrong before. It could just mean that whatever we once held true no longer serves the same purpose in our lives that it once did.

I had that happen to me today.

I’ve heard a saying dozens of times and I always (casually) thought, “yep, true”. But today it seriously hit me and really made sense to me. That saying is “if your absence doesn’t matter your presence never did.”

I know why it makes truer sense to me now that it did before. My life has been evolving considerably the last few weeks and I’m making a conscious effort to make changes and forward strides in my life. I know that when the changes I’m working towards comes to fruition I will know without a doubt that my presence never did matter. At least not the way I once thought it did.

Surprisingly that thought doesn’t hurt my ego at all. It motivates me because it shows me that where I am in life is not where I need to be and that so long as I keep moving forward I will be at a place in my life where my presence will indeed matter and that my absence would be noticed.

Change is scary and when making changes DOUBTS will arise. But if you know you’re moving in the right direction the peace will soon return.

Friends, whatever those changes are that you are striving for, new job, new health, new location, new relationships, whatever it is, keep striving. Even when you’re tired and your heart is hurting and you’re wondering if you matter at all, KNOW that you do and you will get to where you need to be in life. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your presence didn’t matter. Just realize that when you start to feel that way it might be a signal that it’s time to move forward towards where you need to be and that moment is nothing more than a stepping stone.

Who Wins?

I’ve been really struggling with what to write this week. It’s been a strange one to be sure.

With recent events in our country (USA) there seems to be more contention than ever. So many opinions divide us, and anger is seething even between friends. I thought about writing about that but what’s the point. I’m not here to try and change anyone’s mind. I am here to do my best to uplift and unite.

We talk about making new laws and limiting things that people hold strongly to but the fact is we can’t legislate wickedness away. So many people want the government or someone bigger than they are to implement change but the truth is, charity (love) begins at home, on your block, in your neighborhood. And no, I don’t sit around singing Kumbaya and thinking that sharing a Coke will change anything. But, I DO know that love can change things. It may not change anyone else but it will change you.

I’ve heard it said before and I believe now more than ever…”everyone wants a right but nobody wants a responsibility”. I know as you read that that most everyone is thinking about the other side and how the other side is so steadfast and uncompromising but turn that around and be honest with yourself. How compromising are you? How willing are you to give up your ideals and work together to make things better… in any situation? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, one side or the other. Why can’t both sides and a gathering of many ideas together be better? Why do you (or I) have to be totally right? Where does YOUR (and MY) responsibility lie?

Think about this, not only on the grand scale of the division of our country but narrow it down to even your own one on one daily relationships…. do you want to BE right, or DO right? Something to think about…

Tear It Down And Rebuild

Hello friends! I hope you have found some good in your day so far.

I know normally I post things that tend to be uplifting and try to stay encouraging. And that generally is my focus. But the truth is that although we should do our best to find that silver lining, sometimes you just have to feel it. Feel the frustration. Feel the anger, the hurt the disappointment, the negative. It’s ok to feel scared or hurt. We don’t like it, but it’s what makes us human.

Life is rough and sometimes we just have to get through those times to be able to find or do better. It’s never a good idea to just sweep the pain under the rug and put on a happy face. Yes, there are times when we have to do that in the moment but it’s not something we should try and do long term. The real feelings will come out and the longer we try to squash them, often times the stronger they become. Like a pressure cooker.

We need to let the negative cause us to strive harder to make the changes that we need to make in order to live our best life.

Allow it to polish and create a more refined you. Learn to enjoy the contrast and let the bad times help you to savor the good times and always know there is better on the other side.

Let it strengthen you and help you grow into the person you should be. After all, emotional strength is built much like physical strength…it’ll never happen without a little struggle and some pain.

Take a step forward with courage as you grow to use that strength and experience to help others.

Spread kindness and help others do better. We only have this one small, short life. We’re in it together so let’s make it better and take care of one another.

Challenge Accepted

I’ve been quiet for a while. Sometimes the ugliness around me is more than I can take. This is the video that will cause…

Posted by Lisa Huebsch on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

All This Time

What’s good today friends? I apologize for my long delay in posting again. Once more it was some very unexpected circumstances that lead to my lack of posting.

My mother has been very sick so I have been traveling back and forth between states. This last time was the most vital travels of my life. You see my mom almost didn’t make it.

She has been suffering from heart issues for a while. And before her most recent surgery, my sister and I sat in her hospital room helping her plan her funeral. Friends, I can not even explain to you what that is like. To sit with the woman who gave you life, whose heartbeat you have known since you were conceived, who has loved you and seen you through your life, to watch her calmly pick out the songs she wants to be sung at her memorial and who she wants as honorary pallbearers.

It changes you.

I left my dog, my home, my friends and my job for weeks at a time. And time stood still.  I’m just now starting to adjust to “normal” life again.

I know I preach about being kind and taking care of one another but I can’t emphasize this enough. But this time I need to add to make sure to take care of yourself. I mean physically and I mean emotionally. Time is so precious so why waste it? Eat healthily but enjoy that cupcake! Don’t put up with people who drag you down or make you feel bad. Stop giving your all to a job that won’t remember your name if you left tomorrow.

Live your best life….. You only get one.


Hello friends and happy New Year!

I apologize for the extended delay…I’ve missed you all so much!

What started out as something a little minor ended up growing into several more serious things that kept me from writing.  Some days it was physical pain that kept me away. Other days it was emotional…not so much pain as just emptiness.

I always tried to keep Nordy’s Garage uplifting but at the end of 2017 I was having a tough time and I didn’t want to carry that over to you all. Then I realized that part of the reason I started this blog was to be open and honest and let others know that when they were going through something they weren’t alone.

My absence started with traveling. I went to visit my daughter before she moved further away and got very busy in her new life, then shortly thereafter I went to visit my mom who has been sick.

Then I got injured. That injury (in my back) caused me to have trouble sitting for long periods…who am I kidding…. sitting at all. I struggled through work (I have a desk job) and by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to do, or even could do was sit and write.

I was going to the doctor for treatment up to 3 times a week. My injury started to heal where I could sit for longer periods of time and I took a trip for my birthday. Then my mom got sicker…. came very close to losing her life so I traveled to see her once again.

Other things happened in between all of that and it caused me to slip into a quiet place by myself. Some people that I was incredibly close to grew distant and I found myself more alone. And I didn’t want to write. I couldn’t write. I didn’t know what to say.

Recently there was another tragedy that I faced. My longest known and best friend lost her son. I found myself so empty that I couldn’t even pray anymore. It’s not that I lost my faith but more like I had nothing left to say. I just existed. So, I asked a friend to pray for me. The morning I asked for prayers I physically felt them. God was keeping me going. No matter what, He’s always faithful.

So now it’s been a few days and I’m still struggling. I won’t lie about that. I’m struggling with several things actually. But today I was able to mutter a small prayer.

I’m still hurting, a little physically, more emotionally but I know I’ll get through even though most of the time I just want to cry and break things. But I recognize that as the grieving that I’m going through for the loss of several things.  I’m letting it happen though and embracing it so I can heal.

I guess that’s my message…. life; feel it because you can’t stop it from happening. Just don’t lose yourself or your faith in it.

As always, and maybe especially now, be kind to one another. Say I love you. Hug. Live.

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