When I get worried or stressed I have to remind myself who is in charge.

And as a Christian, I know a better way. I need to let God be in control. He shouldn’t be my co-pilot. He should be at the wheel.

Do I honestly trust the one who created me? The one who has set the beat of my very own heart?

When I pray do I whisper my longings and pains in faith? Or are my words spoken in vain?

Do we…do I, trust God to do what he’s promised? Is my faith merely lip service?

When God has shown me what I’ve asked for, why do I question it? Why do I wait for yet another “sign”? By doing that I’m are putting God in a box and telling Him to do things MY way.

Aren’t I to live by faith and not by sight?

I know why I/we question…it’s because of past damage and hurts. It’s because of all the other let downs I’ve experienced in life. It’s what I’ve come to expect. Yet in doing that I am making God equal to man and my faith is misplaced.

God will make our path clear when we ask. But the problems come when we refuse to see. When we are afraid to trust Him. Oh frail human that I am…

I guess I’m just kind of ruminating this morning. When I have a lot time on my hands, this is what I do.

Have a great week, friends! And as always, be kind to one another.