What’s good today friends? I apologize for my long delay in posting again. Once more it was some very unexpected circumstances that lead to my lack of posting.

My mother has been very sick so I have been traveling back and forth between states. This last time was the most vital travels of my life. You see my mom almost didn’t make it.

She has been suffering from heart issues for a while. And before her most recent surgery, my sister and I sat in her hospital room helping her plan her funeral. Friends, I can not even explain to you what that is like. To sit with the woman who gave you life, whose heartbeat you have known since you were conceived, who has loved you and seen you through your life, to watch her calmly pick out the songs she wants to be sung at her memorial and who she wants as honorary pallbearers.

It changes you.

I left my dog, my home, my friends and my job for weeks at a time. And time stood still.  I’m just now starting to adjust to “normal” life again.

I know I preach about being kind and taking care of one another but I can’t emphasize this enough. But this time I need to add to make sure to take care of yourself. I mean physically and I mean emotionally. Time is so precious so why waste it? Eat healthily but enjoy that cupcake! Don’t put up with people who drag you down or make you feel bad. Stop giving your all to a job that won’t remember your name if you left tomorrow.

Live your best life….. You only get one.