Have you ever read something, heard something, or been told something and you think, “yeah, ok, I get that”, but then just move on? You might hear it a dozen times and each time it’s the same thing on repeat…ok, I get it, and move on. Then one day you hear it and it hits you to your core and suddenly it’s like “Ok!! Now I REALLY get it!”

I think things make sense to us for different reasons at different times in our lives. As we continue to change and grow our ideas and mindset can also change and grow.

Sometimes we come to realizations about things because of events in our lives. Things happen that can change a once tightly held belief. That doesn’t mean we were wrong before. It could just mean that whatever we once held true no longer serves the same purpose in our lives that it once did.

I had that happen to me today.

I’ve heard a saying dozens of times and I always (casually) thought, “yep, true”. But today it seriously hit me and really made sense to me. That saying is “if your absence doesn’t matter your presence never did.”

I know why it makes truer sense to me now that it did before. My life has been evolving considerably the last few weeks and I’m making a conscious effort to make changes and forward strides in my life. I know that when the changes I’m working towards comes to fruition I will know without a doubt that my presence never did matter. At least not the way I once thought it did.

Surprisingly that thought doesn’t hurt my ego at all. It motivates me because it shows me that where I am in life is not where I need to be and that so long as I keep moving forward I will be at a place in my life where my presence will indeed matter and that my absence would be noticed.

Change is scary and when making changes DOUBTS will arise. But if you know you’re moving in the right direction the peace will soon return.

Friends, whatever those changes are that you are striving for, new job, new health, new location, new relationships, whatever it is, keep striving. Even when you’re tired and your heart is hurting and you’re wondering if you matter at all, KNOW that you do and you will get to where you need to be in life. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your presence didn’t matter. Just realize that when you start to feel that way it might be a signal that it’s time to move forward towards where you need to be and that moment is nothing more than a stepping stone.